est. 1981


Lifegate Church was officially established in January, 1981, having begun a few months prior to that time as somewhat of a question mark. Several families had a desire and vision to establish a new work in the Seguin area. Meetings were held in the home of Bob and Cindy Odom on Sundays and other occasions, with a vibrant men’s prayer meeting weekly in various homes.

After a miraculous provision allowing us to purchase 7 ½ acres, plans were laid for building a multi-purpose building for the church. Young families envisioned a ministry that would include a Christian school that would encourage godliness and Biblical values allowing our children to have the continuity of church/home/school all with similar vision.

Another miraculous gift allowed us to build a 50x100 two-story structure. The land purchase closed in May, 1981. By September of that same year, the building was up and finished on the downstairs level. The church and school both met in the classrooms.

Eventually, an upstairs was added and the church had a larger area for meetings. A gymnasium was added to the original building, adding 8,000 square feet.

The church grew and it became evident that a sanctuary was needed. The current sanctuary was built in 1991 – a 6,000 square foot structure.

As the school grew, a larger gym building was built – 14,000 square feet with three upstairs classrooms. Finally in 2008, the Fellowship Hall was added to the sanctuary. Other additions included bleachers, football field, gazebo and a playground. All of the structures were built with minimal or no indebtedness. All glory to God!

The congregation of Lifegate would have been described as independent, charismatic, evangelical and reformed in emphasis. We never had the intention of being independent – but we wanted to avoid some of the “baggage” of denominations. We researched various families of churches for 15 years. Finally, the Lord led us to Sovereign Grace Ministries where we built relationships and grew through attending many functions from Pastors Conferences to Small Group Leaders conferences, worship conferences and men’s and women’s conferences. In 2007, Lifegate was officially adopted into the Sovereign Grace family of churches.

Lifegate may best be defined as Reformed and Charismatic in doctrine and practice, and Elder ruled in polity or governing structure. We consider Gospel proclamation, worship, missions and discipleship to be our primary emphases.