College & Career Gathering


KOINONIA (koi·no·ni·a)



Lifegate Church's college and career gathering is called - Koinonia (which is greek for fellowship). Koinonia is a monthly gathering of young adults ages 18-25 who are either in college or starting out in a career. 


The gathering takes place on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month @ 7 pm. 


The purpose of this gathering is to be relational and theologically intentional. This season of life for a young adult is often filled with many changes, questions, decisions and uncertainty about the future. Godly relationships are crucial in this season when classmates and co-workers can often be a source of temptation. In order to live out our faith before a watching world we need the consistent fellowship of committed believers to encourage us and hold us accountable.

In the same way, we need Scripture to inform our everyday life so that we can be fruitful for God’s kingdom. Topics that are intentionally covered for this season of life are: Knowing God and knowing God’s will, making wise decisions, trusting God’s Word, temptation and how to defend the truth in a hostile culture, gender and gender roles, and how to navigate dating relationships.


Joshua and his family came to Lifegate after graduating from the Sovereign Grace Pastor’s College in June 2009. Before coming to Lifegate, Josh and his wife Amanda were members of Grace Church in Frisco, Texas; a Sovereign Grace Churches affiliated church. Josh leads the Koinonia college ministry and serves in various teaching and leadership capacities in the church and at Lifegate Christian School.